Show your support for Victoria's MASSIVE energy effiency investment!


The Victorian government has announced a MASSIVE investment in energy efficiency that will mean more comfortable homes, lower bills and less climate pollution! 

Send a message to Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio to tell her what this announcement means to you and say thank you.

SUBJECT: Thank you for investing in home energy efficiency

The Andrews government’s $797 million investment in energy efficiency is a game-changer. And as we emerge from the devastating impacts of Coronavirus, these are exactly the kind of solutions we need – ones that improve people’s lives, cut pollution AND create jobs.

Home energy use contributes to around 20 percent of Victoria’s climate pollution, and when it comes to energy efficiency, our homes are well below international standards. That means unnecessarily high bills, wasted energy and poorer health.

Energy efficiency is a winning solution all round, and as a community we’ve been calling for massive investment for some time. Through submissions, petitions, letters to the editor and reports we’ve built the case for action together. And now the Andrews government has listened!

When important progress like this happens it important for Ministers to see the wide-spread support and hear from people like you.

Can you send a personal message to Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio to tell her what this announcement means to you and say thank you?  

What are the details of today’s announcement? 

The unprecedented $797 million package includes:  

  • $335 million to replace old wood, gas and electric heaters with efficient electric heaters ($1,000 rebates) 
  • Minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties to be introduced in 2022, including insulation and draught-sealing 
  • $112 million for upgrades to heating, cooling, hot water and draught-sealing in 35,000 social housing units 
  • Expansion of the Solar Homes and household battery programs to include a further 17,500 household battery rebates and 42,000 extra solar home rebates over 3 years