Speak up for pollution limits on coal power

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Victoria’s coal power stations have no limit on how much damaging carbon pollution they can pump into our air — they are allowed to pollute like there’s literally no tomorrow!


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Victoria’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is reviewing the licences of our three coal-burning power stations. It’s the perfect opportunity to place limits on climate pollution.

The EPA has the power to make these changes, but without direct support from the Andrews government, they might not take this perfect opportunity to limit climate pollution — so let’s speak up now and make sure they deliver!

Every bit of coal, oil and gas we burn damages our climate and puts lives at risk. We can’t allow these big polluters to keep spewing unlimited amounts of damaging carbon pollution like there’s no tomorrow.

Victoria’s coal power stations are responsible for almost 40% of the state’s climate pollution. If the Andrews government is serious about acting on climate change, they need to place limits on how much these coal power stations are allowed to pollute.

If you’re curious about how these limits could work, we’ve written a blog to explain more. You can also learn more about the campaign here.