Stop sabotaging the health of our rivers

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Add your message for Federal Water Minister Keith Pitt, calling on him to stand up to vested interestsstop bleeding our rivers dry and deliver the Basin Plan in full.

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The Murray-Darling river system is the lifeblood of Australia’s regional communities and environment. But after decades of mismanagement and exploitation, it’s on the brink of collapse.

Our governments have let too much water be taken out of the river system – in too many places at once. Our wetlands, birdlife and fish are suffering, while whole towns run dry.

This is exactly the crisis the Basin Plan was meant to fix.

But the Federal Coalition government has repeatedly sabotaged the plan – doing the bidding of a handful of cashed-up corporate irrigators instead of what’s needed to actually restore our rivers back to health.

They’re trying to “re-engineer” a few chosen wetlands to artificially survive with less water, while letting the rest die. And are wasting public money on dodgy infrastructure projects that might not even help more water flow to the sections of the Basin that need it!

Evidence shows the most effective way to return enough water to the environment is buying it back from irrigators. But our federal government has ruled this out.

While recent rains have brought some relief to struggling communities and wetlands, unless we fix the core problem of taking too much from the river, this won’t last.

We cannot let our government get away with destroying the only plan we have to revive our rivers. Send a message to Federal Water Minister Keith Pitt, calling on him to stop sabotaging the Basin Plan and deliver the water our environment needs to survive. 

It’s time for everyone who cares about our rivers to come together.

Let’s keep the pressure on our government to finish what they started, because a healthy river system is meant to support us all – not just those with the deepest pockets or powerful connections.

Image credit: Jaana Dielenberg