Stop Yallourn polluting

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Tell EnergyAustralia, owners of Yallourn, to stop the pollution and support a fair transition plan for workers and the community.

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EnergyAustralia is the owner of Australia’s dirtiest climate polluter – Yallourn power station.

In addition to being responsible for over 13 percent of Victoria’s climate pollution, this power station emits hundreds of kilograms of toxic mercury and more than 700 tonnes of dangerous particulate pollution every year, directly endangering community health.

The climate crisis is here now. The world’s best scientists tell us that advanced countries like Australia need to phase out ALL coal power stations by 2030 if we want to keep global warming below 2 degrees.

But EnergyAustralia wants to keep our oldest and dirtiest power station open until 2032.

As a community we can force them to do better.

Can you write to Managing Director Catherine Tanna today and demand they make a plan to stop Yallourn’s pollution and support a workforce transition?