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Local groups have created an Open Letter, calling on the Victorian government to prioritise healthy rivers in its new draft water plan.


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Southern Victoria’s rivers are already in trouble. But in the state government’s draft water plan for the next 50 years, there’s no guaranteed water for our rivers … just the leftover dregs after industries have had their fill!

It’s not good enough. We know there will continue to be less water flowing through our rivers because of a hotter, drier climate. We need to make sure rivers have enough water to survive and to support the many animals like the platypus that rely on them.

That’s why, together with local groups, we’re pushing for a better plan – one that supports healthy communities, rivers, wetlands and birdlife, not just private profits.

The Victorian government will finalise their plan in the middle of this year. Will you join local groups in calling on Water Minister Lisa Neville to protect southern Victoria’s rivers in the Sustainable Water Strategy?

We’re calling for 3 key solutions to support healthy rivers:

  1. Stop too much water being taken, which means banning new licences to extract water
    We know there will be population growth across our region, but this cannot result in more water taken from our rivers. We’ll need to get it from other sources like fit-for-purpose water treatment and efficiency.
  2. Targets to get our rivers flowing
    We have to do more than narrowly avoiding catastrophe. This means setting targets based on restoring the foundational conditions for waterway health, like connectivity from the channel to wetlands and floodplains.
  3. Guaranteed water for rivers
    The survival of our rivers can’t depend on yet-to-be-invented technological fixes happening elsewhere. Some of this should come from water is being taken now – which means all water recovery and restructuring options need to be on the table.

By showing our government how important healthy waterways are to Victorians, we can make sure they have the water they need to survive and thrive long into the future.

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Open letter signed by 50 local groups, including: