Tell your MP to act on extinction!

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An important report into Victoria’s environment has just come out – and it recommends much greater funding to protect nature, plus stronger laws for threatened species.


Ask your local Victorian MP to support these recommendations and act on extinction.

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Extinction is irreversible, but it’s not inevitable. Together we can bring our threatened plants and animals back from the brink.

The new report from the Inquiry into Ecosystem Decline makes some crucial recommendations – can you email your local Victorian state MP and ask them to support these? 

We, along with five leading environment groups, are calling for a package of funding for Victoria (at least $500 million) to deliver firm commitments in four key areas:

  1. A dedicated long term threatened species program
  2. Dramatic increase in public funding for land and sea conservation & threatened species laws & programs
  3. New $30-$50 million for a Land Conservation Revolving fund run by Trust for Nature
  4. Strengthen the Wildlife Act to properly protect all native species

We’ve pre-filled the message about the report’s recommendations, but you can also add your own message at the top.