Contact the media to support clean energy in the State Budget

The Andrews government has just announced an unprecedented spend of $1.6 billion on clean energy in their State Budget and more to protect Victoria’s natural environment.

This is a huge step and a testament to everyone who called for climate solutions to drive Victoria’s economic recovery – thank you!

Now it’s time to get on the airwaves and make sure all Victorians are hearing that this budget funding will boost jobs, cut pollution and act on climate change.

There are two ways to get the word out – call talkback radio or write a letter to the editor. Scroll down to see media contacts and some talking points.

Talkback radio media contacts

ABC Melbourne 774: Call 1300 222 774 or SMS 0437 774 774

ABC Central Vic: Talkback: 1300 813 911 SMS: 0467 842 722

ABC Gippsland: Talkback: 1300 303 468 SMS: 0467 842 722

ABC Southwest Vic: Talkback: 1300 001 602 SMS: 0467 842 722

ABC Ballarat: Talkback: 1300 303 468 SMS: 0467 842 722

ABC Wimmera: Talkback: 1300 594 222 SMS: 0467 842 722

ABC Goulburn Murray: Talkback: 1300 147 222 SMS: 0467 842 722

3AW: Open Line and Talkback
Open Line: 03 96 900 693
Outside Melbourne Open Line: 13 13 32

Gold FM: call (03) 9414 1043 or text 0475 03 1043


Letter to the editor contacts

For more information on writing a letter to The Age, go here.

To submit a letter to the Herald Sun, go here.

To submit a letter to The Australian, email

For more information on writing a letter to the Australian Financial Review, go here.

For contact details for The Guardian Australia, go here.

For pointers about writing letters on climate and renewable energy (including some great examples), see this guide from the Climate Council.

It’s best to send your letter in the morning before 10am.

Talking points:

I’m delighted to see a huge focus on boosting renewable energy and climate action in this State Budget.

This year started with worst bushfires we’ve ever seen, fuelled by climate change. We know there’s much worse to come if we don’t all shift as fast as we can out of polluting forms of energy.

With this budget the Andrews government is showing that acting to reduce our pollution creates jobs and boosts our economy.

It’s great to see them show how we can help our state recover from the pandemic while also addressing the massive long-term challenges of climate change that threaten all of us.

I’m especially excited to see:

  • $540 million going to creating 6 new Renewable Energy Zones across regional areas, covering large chunks of the state (Gippsland, Western Vic, South west Vic, from Bendigo to Mildura, Central North and North east). This will unlock huge benefits from wind, solar, storage and grid projects as we modernise the electricity grid.
  • $797 million in the biggest household energy package in any state’s history – with solar, batteries and efficiency measures making our homes cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in.
  • $655 million to protect vulnerable wilderness, restore the environment following bushfires, and improve visitor facilities at national parks around the state.