Call Victoria’s Water Minister about rorts on the Murray-Darling

Water ministers are meeting this Sunday 4 August to discuss the Murray Darling Basin Plan. Can you call the Victorian Water Minister Lisa Neville and ask for a comprehensive water audit?

The Basin Plan is supposed to return more water to Australia’s struggling rivers. But recently an ABC FourCorners investigation raised concerns that big irrigators are rorting the system. Much of the focus has been on NSW and the terrible impacts of not enough water in the rivers, and so far there’s been little scrutiny in Victoria.

Billions of dollars in public money is being given to businesses to upgrade their irrigation infrastructure. It’s supposed to make their farms more water ‘efficient’, but we don’t know how much water has actually been saved, or if it has been returned to rivers.

We need a water audit to get to the bottom of this – read the guide below and call the Minister this week!

Please call Water Minister Lisa Neville today. 

Her number is 03 9637 9654

Calling guide

Find a time when you are feeling relaxed and comfortable. Be positive, use your own words in clear and simple language.

We suggest mentioning the following points:

  • You’re concerned about the rivers of the Murray-Darling basin and that they’re not getting the water they need.
  • You’re concerned the irrigation projects may not be delivering all the water they promise (mention ABC FourCorners if you watched it).
  • Ask if the Minister will support a comprehensive independent audit that asks three basic questions:
    • Where has the money for these irrigation projects gone?
    • How much water has actually been returned to rivers?
    • How has it benefited the environment?
  • Ask if the Minister will raise this issue when Water Ministers meet in Canberra on Sunday
  • Finish by asking that your message be passed on to the Minister, and by thanking the person on the end of the line for listening.

Please tell us how your call went below. It’s really important for us to know you took this powerful action.

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