Federal election 2019

This federal election is the climate election. We’re supporting volunteers to knock on doors and have thousands of conversations with voters, making climate change the number one issue.

The 2019 federal election is a turning point. Our next government must make a plan to stop burning coal and switch to clean energy.
Join the #ClimateElection campaign and sign the pledge to be a climate voter.

Pledge to vote climate


Climate change is already here, harming communities and the people we love. It’s fuelling reef bleaching, bushfires, heatwaves and drought. And it’s getting worse.

In Victoria, the biggest cause of climate change is pollution from coal-burning power stations. Victoria’s Yallourn power station is the oldest, dirtiest and most polluting in the entire country.

But we also know Victorians support the shift to clean energy and will vote for much stronger action on climate change.

Together we can make climate damage such a massive election issue, our next government will have to step up and act.



Bleaching, bushfires, drought and now a million dead fish. We’ve had six years of destruction from climate change and six years of denial and delay from the federal government.

Emissions data shows the Coalition's policies have failed to reduce greenhouse pollution.

Since Tony Abbott was Prime Minister, the federal Coalition has scrapped pollution laws, attacked clean energy and promoted coal – even bringing a lump of it into Parliament.

As a result, Australia’s greenhouse pollution has risen every year since 2014. Now voters are demanding much stronger action on climate change.

This election, we’re calling on all political parties to:

  • End digging and burning coal
  • Switch to 100% clean energy
  • Stop Adani’s polluting mine

For each party’s track record on climate change, see this independent analysis from the Australian Conservation Foundation.


We know people power works. Our community campaign made clean energy and climate change a deciding issue at the Victorian election. Together we can do it again.

This federal election, we’re supporting volunteers to knock on doors and have thousands of conversations with their neighbours, family and friends.

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