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Licence to pollute

Victoria’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is our pollution watchdog, but it's failing to tackle greenhouse gas pollution from coal-burning power stations.

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The job of Victoria’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is to monitor and prevent pollution to our air, land and water. But when it comes to the greenhouse gas pollution that causes climate change, they are missing in action.

But now we have an unprecedented opportunity to change this. The EPA is reviewing the licences of Victoria’s coal-burning power stations. These licenses already place some limits on toxic chemicals, water use, and waste (although these also need to be stronger) – and now it’s time to include a limit on carbon pollution.

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Despite the damage it causes, the current licences for coal power stations allow them to spew heat trapping gases into the atmosphere like there’s literally no tomorrow. So let’s ramp up pressure on the EPA to crack down on climate pollution!

Together we’ve already pushed them to listen to the public – rather than do the power station licence review behind closed doors as they originally planned. So let’s show them how many Victorians expect big climate polluters to be held accountable.

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Call to limit emissions

Latrobe Valley Express

A petition calling on the Environment Protection Authority to regulate power station greenhouse gas emissions has gained almost 3800 signatures.

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Victoria’s Climate Change Act confirms that the EPA has the power to regulate climate pollution. And with over 45 years’ experience regulating other types of pollution, they are perfectly placed to prevent harm to Victoria’s climate.

If you’re curious about how these limits could work, we’ve written a blog to explain more. Learn about how EPA licence limits would work to reduce pollution, respond to Victoria’s growing supply of clean energy, and support a fair transition from coal in the Latrobe Valley.

We’ve also produced a detailed report which reveals why and how the EPA is failing our climate. Key findings include:

  • Victoria’s biggest climate polluters face no real restrictions on their greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution.
  • The Victorian Climate Change Act confirms the EPA has the power to regulate climate pollution to meet the state’s emission reduction targets.
  • The EPA urgently needs to update its policies and regulations to limit damaging pollution to our climate.

Read our report on why and how the EPA is failing our climate