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No new coal

Brown coal fuels around 80 percent of the electricity generated in Victoria, making it a huge contributor to our total greenhouse gas emissions.

It creates more pollution than other fuels such as black coal, natural gas and much more than clean renewable energy, making Victorians among the most greenhouse-polluting people per capita on the planet.

That’s why we need to move beyond coal. So that means no new coal.

How we’re working to take Victoria Beyond Coal

1. Protect Victoria: No Coal Exports

In August 2012 the Victorian and Federal governments committed $45 million each to support new polluting brown coal projects in Victoria, including those associated with a new brown coal export industry to ship polluting brown coal to the developing world.

If it goes ahead, billions of tonnes of brown coal could be handed over to coal companies to be dug up, hauled across the state, and shipped to China and India for burning.

The impact on our state would stretch from fertile farmland in Gippsland where the coal is buried, to protected marine zones beside Wilsons Promontory or Philip Island where it would be shipped from major new ports.

If we’re going to keep global warming to less than 2 degrees, that coal needs to stay in the ground.

2. No new coal power

In July 2012, we finally won our campaign to Stop HRL – a proposed new coal-fired power station in Victoria. If HRL had gone ahead it would have been the first coal-fired power station to be built in Victoria for 20 years, increasing our carbon pollution by millions of tonnes every year and locking us into polluting and out-of-date technology for decades to come.

But now, new coal-fired power stations are unlikely to ever be built again in Australia – a proud legacy for our environment and future generations!

Find out how the community stopped a coal-fired power station.

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