Sustainable Living

One Planet Carlton

More smart buildings and smart residents, creating even smarter neighbourhoods.

Following on from the successful Carlton Eco-Neighbourhood project, Environment Victoria broadened the project to engage the entire suburb of Carlton in sustainability, including public housing tenants.

In 2013 and 2014, Environment Victoria worked with City of Melbourne, Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre (CNLC), BioRegional, University of Melbourne, North Yarra Community Health and Carlton Local Agencies Network to engage the entire suburb of Carlton on sustainability.

Using Bioregional’s 10 principles of One Planet Living as a starting point, we recruited 30 people from diverse communities and backgrounds and trained them in environmental leadership.

They then developed and delivered a diverse range of projects including the establishment of a community garden and developing a coffee grounds collection and composting scheme with businesses on Lygon St.

A further action plan was also developed to enable the community to continue their work after the project’s completion. One Planet Carlton also worked with public housing tenants through a side-project, ‘Waste Not Say A Lot’ to tackle the community-identified issue of rubbish on the estate.

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