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We can’t keep powering our lives with polluting fuels from the last century. It’s time to repower Australia with clean, renewable energy from the sun and wind, so let’s get on with it! Join a #Repower community near you.

Solar panels can power a building, but it takes communities to power change. When enough of us stand up for clean energy to cut climate pollution, our elected representatives have to support it.

We’ve got big plans to build and support a network of local campaigns, you can get involved below by signing up for updates, joining a local group, and downloading the campaign resources.

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The full ‘Repower Australia Plan’

The original ‘Homegrown Power Plan’ was released in 2016. This new & updated version ‘The Repower Australia Plan’ outlines how we can repower the country with clean energy, rewrite the rules of our failing electricity system and replace the polluters holding us back.

This is a joint project between the Australian Conservation Foundation, GetUp!, Solar Citizens, the Nature Conservation Council, Environment Victoria, and It has been authored by the Community Power Agency.

Download the 16 page summary

Download the full 216 page plan


By digging up and burning coal and gas, big polluting energy companies are damaging our climate and our lungs.

Coal and gas pollute the air we breathe and the water we drink. It’s time to move on from these dirty and dangerous fuels.




Just as people invented antibiotics and the internet, we’re always discovering better ways to meet our needs. We can repower Australia with energy that doesn’t harm our planet or our communities. In fact, we’re already doing it.

Rooftop by rooftop, communities across our country have taken the lead. Today, one in five households are capturing energy from the sun on their rooftops. Some 23 million solar panels are harvesting sunshine. That’s a panel for every single person in the country.

And yet more than 85 percent of Australia’s energy still comes from burning dirty fuels like coal and gas. Why?








For too long, big polluting companies have had too much power over our elected representatives. They’ve been spreading misinformation and corrupting our democracy, trying to keep us handcuffed to the energy sources of the past. In turn, some politicians have joined them, running scare campaigns to sabotage the transition to clean energy.

Our federal government is refusing to lead, even though many of the biggest polluting companies are now calling for them to step up and make a national plan to manage the transition to clean energy.

And here in Victoria the state opposition is also trying to block the transition to clean energy. They’ve promised if elected to roll back efforts to grow clean energy and lock us into another decade of polluting coal.









People power creates change in Australia. On issue after issue, we’ve seen how grassroots campaigns and organised communities can change the political debate from the ground up.

Renewable energy has overwhelming popular support across the country. It’s time for everyone, everywhere to demand our elected representatives listen to the people.

That means updating Australia’s energy system so it’s clean and renewable. It means capturing energy from sun, wind and water and storing sunlight in batteries. It means creating a flexible, networked and intelligent electricity grid that’s fit for the 21st century.

Repower Victoria brings together people like you who want to speed up the transition to clean energy in their towns and suburbs (click here to read Max’s story, one of the many volunteers involved with #Repower).

We’re forming new groups all over the state and supporting existing ones, to grow the number of local Repower champions – individuals and local buildings or institutions in your area who have switched to a 100 percent renewable electricity provider or installed renewable energy like rooftop solar.

And we’re using this community energy and momentum to build power and influence the position of local state and federal MPs on renewable energy.

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