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People selling or renting out a home are not required to provide information about energy performance. Through phonecalls with real estate agents, we can ensure energy performance is a key consideration when buying or renting a home.

What’s the energy rating of your home? Have you ever tried to get this information but found it challenging? In Victoria, people selling or renting out a home are not required to provide this information to home buyers or renters, making it hard to know just how much energy you need to consume to stay comfortable.

The COVID-19 virus is having a huge impact on us all. Even though we can’t gather in the same space for now, it doesn’t mean we can’t call for positive changes on climate, environment, and social justice issues.

The big question we’re all asking ourselves is: how do we continue to make a difference during a time of crisis when we can’t leave our homes?

Planning to rent or buy a house in the next 12 months? We’d love to hear your thoughts on energy efficiency!

Information about a property’s efficiency is difficult to get. Complete our 5 minute survey will help us push for better standards and information for all Victorians.

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Since February this year, Environment Victoria volunteers have been conducting surveys at open-for-inspections with real estate agents and house hunters about energy efficiency. The purpose was to engage house hunters on the issue of energy performance and help them consider this topic before making the incredibly important decision to buy or rent a home. In addition, we wanted to find out how much real estate agents knew about energy performance and how they convey this information to prospective buyers/renters, if at all.

Now that face-to-face gatherings are banned, we can no longer run this tactic in person at open-for-inspections.

That’s why we’re now inviting you to survey real estate agents about energy performance over the phone, from your home.

Interested in surveying real estate agents? Sign up below.

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Without an understanding of the importance of energy performance, people buy and rent homes with no idea about the home’s running costs, comfort or livability until they move in. This not only leaves many people with ‘bill shock’ when they move in, but also makes it very difficult for people to minimise their carbon footprints. Read the experiences of people living in homes with oppressive conditions here.

Given how much public concern there is around energy bills, we think house hunters should be able to easily access information about energy performance before they choose a home.

Help us gather important information about energy performance in the real estate market by surveying estate agents over the phone, from your home.

By starting this conversation, real estate agents will begin to understand that providing this information is a key part of being successful in their job. This could be the beginning of a bottom-up, consumer-driven conversation about the importance of energy performance in our built environment.