Clean energy billboard, send us your idea!

We’re putting up a billboard in Caulfield, Melbourne, to support clean energy. What message would YOU like to send? Send us your suggestion before Friday 2 March.

Submissions have now closed. We’ve chosen the winning entries, you can vote for your favourite here >>

It’s an election year in Victoria, but the Opposition’s current policies would devastate our local clean energy industry and reverse efforts to cut climate pollution. (See comprehensive information below.)

So we’ve booked a billboard in the Caulfield electorate of Shadow Minister for Renewable Energy David Southwick to let him know the community supports clean energy.

The billboard will run in April —

We asked for your creative responses to the phrase: “The community supports clean energy. Why won’t the Victorian Liberal Party?” — Now we’ve chosen the winning ideas and it’s up to YOU to choose the final winner. You can vote here >>

The billboard site

The billboard is on Glen Huntly Road, smack bang in the middle of Caulfield electorate. It’ll stay up for eight weeks.

It’s four metres high – that’s a big canvas for your ideas! We’re also going to use the same concept on other advertising and social media during April and May.


Background information

As an independent charity, we believe the public deserves to know where their elected representatives stand on clean energy.

Right now, key clean energy and climate change policies do not have bipartisan support in Victoria.

Perhaps the best example is the Victorian Renewable Energy Target, which aims to power Victoria with 40% clean energy by 2025.

Modelling by Ernst & Young found the VRET will cut Victoria’s climate pollution, create more than 9000 jobs and lower power bills.

Research commissioned by Sustainability Victoria shows 84 percent of Victorians support the VRET, and yet the Victorian Coalition voted against it in Parliament. They have also pledged to repeal it if elected, sabotaging our local clean energy industry.

The Victorian Coalition’s recent public position on climate change and clean energy also includes:

  • Spreading misinformation about Hazelwood power station’s closure
  • Promising to re-open Hazelwood (something that is both irresponsible and impossible)
  • Opposing new laws to reduce climate emissions
  • Voting against an increase to the solar feed-in tariff, which gives solar owners a fairer price for the electricity their panels produce
  • Trying to build a new coal power station in the Latrobe Valley
  • Mining gas fields on prime farming land (to drill for gas that doesn’t exist in commercial quantities).

Click to show a much more detailed analysis of the track record of the two major parties competing to form government in November

Closer to the election we’ll have a much more comprehensive summary of the climate and environment policies of ALL parties represented in the Parliament

The process

The deadline for suggestions is Friday 2 March.

After that, a team of advertising creatives, designers and Environment Victoria communications staff will assess the ideas and turn them into 20 billboard concepts.*

If your idea makes the shortlist, we’ll be in touch to let you know the progress.

A panel of advertising experts will then choose the best four ideas for the public to vote on, which you can do here >>

*We’re doing it this way because while some submissions won’t need further refinement and can go straight into this shortlist, others might have too many words to fit the space, or images that are too expensive to produce.

Copyright & entry conditions

By submitting, you are agreeing to share your idea, text or artwork with Environment Victoria under Creative Commons Australia licence Attribution-Share Alike (CC BY-SA).

This licence allows users to distribute, remix and build upon the work, and create Derivative Works – even for commercial purposes – as long as they credit the original creator/s (and any other nominated parties) and license any new creations based on the work under the same terms. All new Derivative Works will carry the same licence, so will also allow commercial use.

In other words, you agree to share your materials with others, if they will share their new works in return.

You can read more about Creative Common licences here.

Your name will be attributed in the final artwork after the phrase ‘Concept by’, ‘Concept inspired by’ or ‘Design by’, with your permission.

You’ll also be invited to be photographed alongside your billboard for a local media story.