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About Us

Environment Victoria is an independent charity, funded by donations. Established in 1969, we’ve grown into a community of 40 grassroots member groups and more than 200,000 individual supporters.

Together we’re campaigning to solve the climate crisis and build a thriving, sustainable society that protects and values nature. Read more about our story here >>

What role does Environment Victoria play in elections?

Environment Victoria is a registered charity, which means we’re an independent organisation that exists to pursue our charitable purpose of protecting the environment. While we advocate strongly for environmental sustainability, we do so in a strictly non-partisan way. We regularly comment on and analyse environment policies, however we will not endorse, support or favour any political candidates or parties. We do release analysis and summaries of policies throughout an election campaign, but these are limited to analysing environmental policy and never aim to support a particular party.

We have held many governments and Oppositions to account over our 50-year history, and while remaining non-partisan, we do not shy away from calling it as we see it on political parties’ environmental policies, whether good or bad.

As a campaigning organisation, we work to make sure every party goes to polling day with the strongest set of commitments to act on climate change and improve environmental protection. Better commitments during elections mean better outcomes in government, because parties can be held to account on their own commitments.

Occasionally, some political parties are reluctant to announce positive policies for climate or environment issues, or they may release policies that are actively damaging on these issues. In this situation, we apply as much pressure to those parties as possible to first encourage them to announce better plans and, secondly, if that fails, to ensure that Victorians are aware of these damaging policies.