Help the kids end polluter handouts

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We’re already seeing the devastating effects of our changing climate on real peoples’ lives. And we know that greenhouse pollution from fossil fuels is the main contributor to climate change. Right?

So why does our federal government spend over $10 billion of our tax payer dollars on handouts to some of the most profitable and polluting companies in the world? That’s more than double what they spend on government schools.

There’s no good reason for Australian taxpayers to be paying the diesel bill of profitable mining companies, paying our dirtiest power stations to stay open, providing tax breaks for oil, gas and coal seam gas projects.

If you help stop fossil fuel subsidies we can save our kids from catastrophic climate change. Ending these subsidies globally will create half the carbon savings needed to keep global warming below the dangerous two degree mark. But the kids won’t win this with paper balls. They’re counting on you to give them a hand.

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