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In response to the Coronavirus crisis we’re going digital like never before.

We’re working to create new ways for you to connect with our community of supporters, setting up a new series of online trainings and shifting the way we work together.

We’d love for you to be part of it because, while we are all facing new challenges and uncertainties, our work together remains as important as ever.

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Why this moment matters

  • Big fossil fuel companies aren’t going to stop because of Corona virus, and neither can we (for example AGL has already said they plan to push ahead with their dirty gas import terminal). 
  • We still need to hold our decision-makers to account (we’ve already seen our politicians make some bad decisions for our environment during this crisis, like the Andrews government lifting the ban onshore gas exploration).
  • The political terrain is shifting dramatically under our feet and together we can push for big solutions that create positive outcomes for people and our environment.
  • In challenging times like this it’s important to remain connected to others who share your values.