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Environment Victoria believes in the power of people to work together to solve the climate crisis and build a thriving, sustainable society that protects and values nature. That’s why we’re building an “Action Network” of Local Organisers to lead local action as part of powerful, statewide campaigns.

And the first step to become a Local Organiser is to join the two-day intensive retreat, on February 19-20! This page has all the info you need to understand what a Local Organiser is, details about the retreat, and how to apply to join.


Who and what is a Local Organiser?

What would I be doing as a Local Organiser?

What skills do I need?

I want to be a Local Organiser, how do I get started?

Apply to join the retreat here

Who and what is a Local Organiser?

Local Organisers are volunteer leaders who work with their community to take action locally and connect with one another across the state. By coordinating our local work within strategic campaigns, Local Organisers can demonstrate large-scale power to get big wins for our climate and nature.

As a Local Organiser, you will be closely connected with the rest of the Environment Victoria team, where you can:

  • Have impact by helping to shape EV’s organising strategy and implementing it locally
  • Learn and apply more advanced community organising skills
  • Connect with other Local Organisers across the state, to build an Action Network that is strategic and powerful

We’re looking for Local Organisers in the following key regions: Gippsland, Ballarat and the Central Highlands, Shepparton and Central North VIC, South-East suburbs of Melbourne and around Westernport. The volunteer role may take 4-10 hours per week, and is ongoing.

What would I be doing as a Local Organiser?

Here’s how you will lead action to protect nature and restore a safe climate as a Local Organiser, with EV’s support:

  • Finding and growing a committed network of people around the area who are passionate to take environmental action together
  • Mentoring volunteers in your region – mix of in-person, phone and online support
  • Supporting these volunteers to:
    • Learn foundational organising skills, like how to have relational meetings, working with media and digital communications, political lobbying, facilitation and teamwork, power mapping, and more
    • Design high impact local actions which bring people power to EV’s strategic campaigns
    • Plan and implement a range of tactics
    • Understand what group roles are required and support people to fill those
    • Build relationships and coordinate with other groups in their region, from inside and outside of environmental activism e.g. faith leaders, business owners etc
  • Helping to set the direction of EV’s Action Network, and implementing the strategy

How you will be supported in the role:

  • Working closely with at least one other Local Organiser in your area, so you can learn and lead action together 
  • Regular 1-to-1 coaching and support from one of the EV staff organisers
  • 2-day in person Leadership Retreat with other Local Organisers in February, (19+20th Feb) to do a deep-dive into more advanced organising skills and develop our 2022 strategy together 
  • Support to connect with other Local Organisers like yourself who are doing the same work in different regions, to share lessons and develop coordinated plan
  • Access to and training in the digital organising tools we use

What skills do I need?

As a Local Organiser you are committed to climate and environmental justice, and to growing a movement of people in your area that represent the diversity of society. In particular, you: 

  • Can identify, recruit and empower people around you 
  • Work collaboratively, by listening and embracing the skills of others 
  • Are eager to learn campaigning and organising tools 
  • Are caring, compassionate, inclusive, and prioritise building relationships with others, based on shared values, and inclusive principles 
  • Have a good understanding of your local context, as well as broader environmental, political and societal issues 

This role is a learning opportunity – even if you feel you don’t have all the skills and knowledge needed to take on this leadership role, we encourage you to apply!

I want to be a Local Organiser, how do I get started?

The best first step is to join the Local Organiser Retreat – a two-day intensive residential retreat in February. Here are the details:

  • 2-day residential retreat for ~20-30 Environment Victoria Local Organisers and staff 
  • At the Retreat, we’ll learn and discuss more advanced organising skills and knowledge, as well as co-design an organising strategy for the EV Action Network for 2022 
  • This Retreat is for people who are interested in taking on a role as a Local Organiser in EV’s Action Network. For more info on the Local Organiser role, see the description on the next page. 
  • Saturday 19th February – Sunday 20th February (with optional social dinner for folks able to arrive the evening of Friday 18th)
  • At a residential conference centre, near Seymour VIC
  • Accommodation and food will be provided on site and paid for by EV 
  • The content of the retreat will begin on the morning of Saturday 19th Feb, but accommodation and catering will be provided from the evening of Friday 18th February, to allow people to arrive early, if they wish 
  • Venue and accommodation are accessible to people with physical access needs 
  • We hope to arrange carpooling to lower travel costs and fuel use 
  • If there are barriers to you attending, such as needing to arrange childcare, please contact us 

If this sounds good to you, or if you’re interested but would like to have a conversation with us to know more, please apply to join the retreat by clicking the button below and filling out the application form. Please note that we may not have time to get back to you to confirm before the summer break, but we will be in touch by January 15th.

Apply for the retreat here