Open letter to AGL shareholders

Sign the open letter to AGL shareholders

Environment organisations, community groups and individuals will send an open letter to Responsible Investors with shares in AGL. In the lead up to AGL’s AGM on October 7, it is important to pressure AGL to clean up its act and do more to transition away from fossil fuels.

If you would like to sign on as an individual or group, please fill out the form below.

Open Letter

Below is the open letter we will send to Responsible Investors who hold shares in AGL. Fill out the form above if you would like to be listed as a signatory.

Dear [Name],

We are a group of community and environmental organisations that have been campaigning for the last two and a half years against AGL’s plan to build a gas import terminal in Westernport Bay in Victoria, Australia. This fossil fuel project threatens a Wetland of International Significance and is being forced against the will of the community that has made their opposition clear in the strongest terms.

Amidst a climate and trust crisis investors like [name of corporation] can play a pivotal role influencing corporations like AGL to engage in meaningful climate action and to behave responsibly towards the communities where they operate or plan to operate.

As a shareholder in AGL, [name of corporation] should be aware of the fierce and sustained community opposition against AGL’s plans and how AGL’s decision to ignore the community’s wish is the latest example of irresponsible behaviour from a company that despite their claims of social responsibility has made a habit of pushing fossil fuels projects in environmentally sensitive areas against the wishes of the local communities.

We are convinced that this sort of corporate behaviour should not be ignored, as companies that disregard local communities seldom maintain a good long-term performance. We call on [name of corporation] to engage with AGL and urge them to respect the wishes of the Westernport Bay and the wider Victorian community and to accelerate the timeline for coal and gas power station closures.

In the absence of a satisfactory response from AGL we call on you to evaluate under environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations whether a company like AGL would be capable of generating sustainable, long-term returns.

Under the current circumstances we believe that [name of corporation] has a duty to utilise their position as one of the main investors in AGL to hold them accountable on their behaviour and push them to factor the well-being of our communities and our environment in their decision making processes.


Community organisations, environment groups and individuals