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Election 2018: How Victoria can lead the way

Every day we see the impacts of environmental destruction – more severe weather events, loss of precious species and rivers under strain. But as Victorians, we know things can be different, and the 2018 state election is our moment to choose a better future.

Our state can be renowned for its environmental leadership – embracing renewable energy, transitioning away from destructive practices and putting in place strong laws to protect our environment.

For this we need to have a government willing to face the sheer scale of our environmental challenges. We need bold laws that reflect scientific realities and respond to community demands.

But with timid government we risk taking serious backwards steps – propping up outdated coal power stations, failing to protect our precious critters and shifting the burden for cleaning up coal mines onto communities.

Every election, we work with parties from across the political spectrum to encourage them to adopt strong environmental policies. We take the responsibility of providing good ideas very seriously. That’s why we developed a comprehensive election policy agenda, which puts forward solutions from reducing waste to driving the uptake of electric vehicles.

Read our top four priorities below.

Key priorities this election

Repower Victoria with clean energy

Parties must commit to bringing online 1000 megawatts (MW) of large-scale renewable energy each year for the next four years to meet the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) of 5400 MW.

Restore and protect nature

Parties must commit to establishing the Great Forest National Park and increasing spending on environmental programs across the state, such as riverside restoration.

Make Victoria a leader in tackling global warming

Parties must commit to science-based emissions reduction targets and set CO2 limits on highly polluting facilities through the EPA.

Help every Victorian share the benefits of clean energy

Parties must commit to supporting 250,000 vulnerable Victorian households to repower their homes through residential renewable energy and energy efficiency, guarantee a fair price for solar and support the Latrobe Valley community to move beyond coal.

Our full policy agenda

To paint a picture of what’s possible, Environment Victoria has been working with experts across the state to develop this policy agenda for a sustainable Victoria. We’ve focused on three key priorities:

  1. Repower Victoria’s economy with clean energy
  2. Ensure a just and fair transition to a sustainable Victorian society and economy
  3. Strengthen the systems that drive environmental protection and sustainability in Victoria

Click here to view the full policy agenda