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Hand out climate scorecards

This is the climate election – can you help by handing our scorecards rating the climate policies of the major parties? Sign up below.

Our friends at the Australian Conservation Foundation have rated the major parties on their climate and environment policies and developed an election scorecard. Can you help hand them out at pre-poll booths and on polling day?


Just complete the form below and we’ll email you the info you need! You can collect the scorecards from our office in Carlton, or print them at home.

(Sorry, we can’t post scorecards because it’s so close to election day!)

Important information

Here’s the important information and rules you need to know about handing out flyers at a polling booth:

  1. The scorecard was compiled by Australian Conservation Foundation, and everyone who hands out the scorecard at a pre-poll or election day booth should watch ACF’s video and follow the explained booth rules here: https://www.acf.org.au/scorecard_np_handout
  2. There are some further useful tips in ACF’s ‘volunteer guide’ and ‘booth captain guide’. If you have any questions contact Adele Neale on a.neale@environmentvictoria.org.au
  3. As per electoral commission rules, you must keep six metres away from the polling booth entrance at all times.
  4. We are independent and non-partisan. You can inform voters about the policies but do not tell people who to vote for.
  5. Don’t hand out material from political parties or other groups when you are handing out the scorecard or if you are wearing an Environment Victoria T-shirt or badge.

There are also a few things that will be different for your group because you’re being supported by EnvironmentVictoria:

  1. What to wear: please wear an Environment Victoria T-shirt if you have one, otherwise dress in plain clothes (not a recognisable political party colour, if possible). You can pick up a volunteer badge at the office if you don’t have a T-shirt. If you have a #Repower campaign shirt, please don’t wear it, as it may be confusing to the public as the scorecard is not Repower branded.
  2. Afterwards, send photos to us at comms@environmentvictoria.org.au .