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NAG power: enrol a young person

With the collapse of federal climate policy, Victoria’s election in November becomes crucial for supporting clean energy and cutting pollution. Yet many thousands of young Victorians who care about climate change aren’t enrolled to vote. Can you give them a friendly reminder?

Schoolwork, exams, applying for a uni course – Year 12 is a pretty hectic time for a young person. It’s understandable that enrolling to vote could fall off the to-do list.

Even after the Marriage Equality survey last year, about 13 percent of Australians aged 18-24 are still not enrolled to vote.

Young people are the most concerned about climate change (after all, they’ll have to live with the consequences). But if they’re not enrolled, their voices aren’t being heard on this crucial issue!

Can you help enrol a young person in your life? Here’s how…

3 ways to enrol a young person

1. Online

Send them a text or email to enrol online at www.aec.gov.au/enrol

2. Mail

Download an enrolment form, and fill it out with them. Then post it to the Australian Electoral Commission:

Australian Electoral Commission

Reply Paid 9867

[your capital city]

They must be correctly enrolled before 8.00 pm, Tuesday 6 November (Melbourne Cup day), so be sure to leave enough time for the post to arrive.

You can also scan your form and upload it to AEC here.

3. at school

As a follow up, send them this link to our new YoungVotes website, where they can download resources to share with their friends at school.



Enrolled someone? Please let us know!

Email comms@environmentvictoria.org.au if you have enrolled someone! We’re aiming for 1000 enrolments before the November election, and every one counts!

Hurry, they must be correctly enrolled by 8.00 pm, Tuesday 6 November (Melbourne Cup day).










Visit the new campaign website, YoungVotes.org