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Peak oil

While the cost of petrol fluctuates, in the long-term petrol prices will only go up.

Peak oil refers to the point in time when we reach maximum oil production and hit the peak of our oil reserves. After that, less and less oil will be produced each year as the world’s major oil reserves start to dry up.

The consequences of peak oil and resulting high petrol prices will be devastating for us – unless the necessary action is taken by all levels of government to prepare Victoria’s transport system. This means investing in sustainable transport alternatives that will allow us to adjust our transport choices away from reliance on private car travel.

That’s why we’re working in partnership with a number of organisations to move towards sustainable transport.


In 2008 we developed a series of resources as part of our Smart Transport Campaign:

  • A resource for our community on the impacts of peak oil for Victoria. Take a peak
  • A transport vision for Melbourne, with our friends at the Metropolitan Transport Forum. Check it out
  • A climate checklist for the Victorian Transport Plan. Tick it off