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Call your local MP

Important laws to reduce pollution and protect our climate are before Victorian Parliament. The state Opposition has announced that they will not support these laws.

Over the last week, we flooded the offices of Matthew Guy and other Liberal MPs with phonecalls asking them to support these important climate laws.

Now we need to hold them to account.

Global warming is already affecting Victoria, so action to reduce climate pollution should be a no brainer for bipartisan support.

This was a key test for the Victorian Coalition – to see if they are a party that cares about Victoria’s future, or not.

By opposing important laws to protect Victoria’s climate, they gave a clear indication of how they will treat environmental issues if they are returned to government at the 2018 election.

Call your local MP (select from the list of Liberal MPs below):
Don’t know which electorate you live in? Find out here.

Matthew Guy

Bulleen Leader of the Liberal Party (03) 98507983

Neale Burgess

Hastings Shadow Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises (03) 5977 5600

David Morris

Mornington Shadow Minister for Finance (03) 5975 4799

Michael O’Brien

Malvern Shadow Treasurer (03) 9576 1850

 Louise Asher

Brighton (03) 9592 1900

David Southwick

Caulfield Shadow Minister for Innovation Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources Shadow Minister for Renewables (03) 9527 3866
If you don’t live in one of the electorates above, you can call Matthew Guy’s office on (03) 9651 6719

Some tips for your call:

  • BE: Polite and friendly
  • SAY: Your name and that you are calling about the Climate Change Bill 2016 that they failed to support
  • TELL: Why you personally care about action on climate change and think that the Victorian Liberals should too
  • THANK: The person who answers the phone for recording your concerns
  • NOTE: They might want your contact details to get back to you.

It’s really helpful for our future climate change campaign to know if you called and how it was received. After making the call, could you fill out the form below?

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You can find out more about the Climate Change Bill 2016 here:

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