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Have you seen any outrageous quotes from Victorian politicians about climate change, clean energy or cutting pollution? Have you been sent any political flyers containing errors or misinformation?

Help us raise the standard of political debate on climate change by sharing any blatantly incorrect statements or misleading rhetoric with us so we can demand better.

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Environment Victoria supporters have fought hard for laws that will protect Victoria’s people and places from the worst impacts of climate change and unlock investment in clean renewable energy into the future.

But as we’ve seen too many times before, good environment policy can unravel because it lacks bipartisan support. We need all sides of politics to be pushing for a fast transition from dirty coal to clean energy.

That’s why the Victorian Liberal Opposition’s recent moves on climate change and clean energy are very concerning.

Since November 2016, the Victorian Liberal Opposition has:

  • Voted against stronger climate laws for Victoria in the lower house
  • Voted against a fairer price for electricity from rooftop solar
  • Argued that Hazelwood, the dirtiest power station in the country, should be kept open; and
  • Jumped on board the anti-renewable energy scare campaign of the federal Coalition.

On 8 December, in response to Victoria’s new Climate Change Bill, Opposition Shadow Environment Minister Brad Battin said:

Brad Battin quotes on Hazelwood and global warming

Shadow Energy and Resources Minister David Southwick joined the attack, saying:

“This sort of government interventionist policy… does nothing for the environment. It does nothing for reaching energy targets, and  this bill that the government has put before the house is an absolute joke. On that basis we will not be supporting the bill.”[1]

We also know that the Victorian Opposition has started  targeting electorates in Melbourne with an energy bills scare campaign, overstating the increase in power prices from closing Hazelwood power station while ignoring the benefits of cutting pollution.

We need your help to keep an eye out for politicians who are getting in the way of stopping climate change.

[1] Quotes sourced from Parliament of Victoria Hansard, 8 December 2016. Access the PDF here. The Climate Change Bill debate starts on page 4944.

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