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Don’t leave renters out in the cold

Let's make renting fair with minimum standards for rental properties.

Too many rental homes in Victoria aren’t up to scratch, and tenants are paying for it in outrageous heating and cooling bills and unhealthy living conditions. It’s unfair. And all that wasted energy is just adding to Victoria’s climate pollution.

Rental homes should be liveable homes. Sign the petition below to tell your local MP we need minimum standards for health, safety and efficiency for rental properties before they can be leased.

It’s now crunch time in this campaign.

Consumer Affairs Victoria has completed the consultation phase of its review of Victoria’s rental laws and is now making recommendations to government. We need to make sure the government hears the voice of renters and progressive landlords.

Environment Victoria and the One Million Homes Alliance are partnering with the Tenants Union of Victoria’s Make Renting Fair campaign to build a strong and loud movement in support of this vital reform.

Please send a message to your local MP telling them that standards are popular and possible.

Missing this opportunity to introduce standards will mean continuing to ignore stories like these…

“The place is so poorly insulated that the heater can't get the room up above 18 degrees in winter despite costing me more in electricity than I pay in rent. We have resorted to not using the heater at all and survived the winter with copious layers of thermals and hot water bottles.” – Nerida, Elsternwick

“On hot days we often hang survival blankets and shade-cloth over the windows to stop the heat. It means living in the dark, but it’s better than cooking in a glasshouse.” – Arnold, Brunswick West

“There was grass growing through the floorboards alongside the carpet in the main bedroom.” – Brenda, Rosebud

“In winter it is freezing, and in summer it is boiling. No insulation. I had to rug up all winter, to keep warm with blankets as I could not afford to use my heater.” – Catherine, Richmond

This campaign is an initiative of the One Million Homes Alliance.

One Million Homes

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