Environment Victoria Strategic Plan 2017-2022

We're taking on the biggest threats to our climate and environment. Here's how.

With a history spanning back to 1969, Environment Victoria is one of Australia’s leading environment charities.

In 2017 we developed a new five-year strategy. Here’s a snapshot of our roadmap for the future.

Our vision

Victoria is a global leader and national catalyst for solving the climate crisis, and a model for a thriving, sustainable society that protects and values nature.





Our mission to get there

We take on the biggest threats to our climate and environment.

We inspire, empower and lead people and communities to take action, building power to solve the climate crisis, achieve a healthy environment and secure a fair and thriving Victoria.

Our obectives

Objective 1

Cut greenhouse gas pollution to zero at emergency speed and make Victoria a leader in combating the climate crisis.

Protecting Victoria’s and the planet’s future through decarbonising our economy at emergency speed. Focused on shifting to zero emissions energy, and over the next five years a growing focus on transport, agriculture and land use emissions, and the impact of Victoria on international emissions.

Objective 2

Strengthen systems to drive environmental protection and sustainability in Victoria.

Acting as a watchdog for the Victorian environment and campaigning to strengthen the laws, standards, institutions and policies that protect our environment and change those that destroy it, and reflect the implications of a likely 2 degrees or more of global warming.

Objective 3

Ensure a just and fair transition to a sustainable Victorian society and economy

Ensuring the transition to a sustainable Victoria engages and supports people experiencing disadvantage; those communities most impacted by the shift to sustainability; and those impacted by environmental problems.

Objective 4

Maintain a resilient, effective and nimble organisation

Maintain Environment Victoria’s political and financial independence, increase our funding and skill base to enable more powerful campaigns, retain and expand our targeted community organising program and develop new ways of building a stronger and more active Victorian environment movement. Be nimble, creative, collaborative and cognisant that we work on Aboriginal land.

Our roles

Campaigner and influencer

Environment Victoria is a progressive campaign and advocacy organisation experienced in building and supporting grassroots community movements and influencing decision-makers. We lead targeted, evidence-based campaigns that mobilise people and communities in Victoria.

Thought leader and disruptor

Environment Victoria does what it takes to create impactful change. We look to the future and develop solutions to environmental problems, pioneering new campaigns.


Environment Victoria collaborates with others to strengthen the capacity of the environment movement and other social movements to create change. We leverage our community organising experience and knowledge to support grassroots campaigns and build people power.