Contact your MP about changes to the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act

Help protect our precious animals and plants.

The Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act is the key legislation that protects nature in Victoria. It came into force in 1988 and its main purpose is to ‘guarantee that all native flora and fauna can survive and flourish in the wild’. In reality the Act has not provided any ‘guarantees’. Many of our native plants and animals are in deep trouble with almost a third of land-based species listed as threatened with extinction.

Fortunately the Andrews Government has recognised the problem and is reviewing the Act.

It’s a good start, but it’s by no means clear how the proposed reforms are really going to do the job required to protect our precious plants and animals in the long term. Please contact your MP about making our nature laws stronger.

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What to SAY

Make sure you mention the following five key elements for a reformed Act:

  1. A fair go for threatened species with no exemptions or special treatments for government departments or certain industries.
  2. Stronger stop and protect powers so the Minister can intervene when important species or habitats are under threat
  3. A nature cop on the beat with strong enforcement, real penalties and proper monitoring
  4. Clear targets and timelines to direct investment and programs for threatened species protection and recovery
  5. Community power to act, including the ability to initiate legal action to protect threatened species.

You could talk about the place, plant or animal that is important to you and why it needs protection!


More details

With over 700 species and ecological communities on the list, the Act has been woefully ineffective in halting the steady decline in precious habitat or in addressing the many threats that affect our native species.

The government’s Consultation Paper recognises the shortcomings of the Act, in particular the failure to plan for climate change and the limited scope of current programs. It intends conservation efforts to focus on the ‘preventative end of biodiversity decline’ so that more species can survive in the long-term and do not become endangered.

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