Viva Terminal: Edit Submission

Here’s a draft of your submission. Please review the text and make any changes or edits you want to – noting that the final submission must be under 500 words. Then follow the instructions below to make your submission official.

First, hit the ’email me a copy’ button above, so you have a back up of the text. Then, follow this step-by-step guide:

Step one

Copy the final text using the copy button below

Copy Submission Text


Step two

Open the government website page in a new browser tab or window.

Open government website in a new tab

Step three

On the government’s website, scroll down to the ‘Add your submission’ field as shown below. Then paste your submission text in the box.

Step four

Scroll up and fill out your personal details. Tick yes to confirm the privacy, personal information and intellectual property questions. Add your email and phone number.

Step five

The public hearings into the gas terminal will take place in June. If you want to say something at the hearings too, tick yes to this question, and answer the additional questions. The hearings are a further chance to have your say and you don’t need to be an expert, just a concerned local.

So we advise ticking ‘yes’ if you’re up for it. If you don’t want to say anything at the hearings, you can simply scroll down and click submit. 

If you do all those steps on the government website, you’re done! Scroll down the government website and click submit. You’ve registered your concerns with this project and taken action for the climate and environment today. Thank you!

PS if you have any technical problems with the government’s website, you can email them at