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Our goals

Our big vision

Our big vision is for every Victorian, all 5 million of us, to take part in safeguarding our environment and future.

Our vision for Victoria

Our vision for Victoria in 2050 is that of a sustainable state where the climate is safe and stable, where nature has been restored and healthy ecosystems support our lives, and where every Victorian lives within the means of the one planet we share. Victorians are happy and healthy, enjoying a good quality of life in an incredible place to live.

Our charter: Environment 2050

Environment 2050 outlines the big changes required over the next 40 years to safeguard Victoria’s environment and secure its future. It looks at Victoria’s environmental challenges and driving forces, then sets out a transformative pathway to achieve a safe climate, healthy ecosystems and a society that lives well within the means of one planet.

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Our goals

Safe Climate

2050: The global climate is safe for all living things.

2020: Victoria has helped to avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate change by taking responsibility for its high levels of greenhouse gas emissions at the turn of the century and halving them by 2020.

Healthy Ecosystems

2050: Victoria's ecosystems are restored, healthy and sustainable.

2020: Victoria has halted the continued decline of its ecosystems and they are on the road to recovery.

One Planet Living

2050: Victorians live well and our ecological footprint is sustainable.

2020: Victoria's ecological footprint has been reduced by at least 25 per cent

What we do

We advocate for big, important and permanent changes to safeguard our environment and the future well-being of all Victorians.

We work with others to develop bold solutions that rapidly transition Victoria to a sustainable state

We inspire people, governments and businesses to take action on environmental solutions through advocacy, education and empowerment

We hold people of influence, governments and businesses to account for their decisions and actions

Like our planet, Environment Victoria has finite resources. So we focus our efforts on where we can create the biggest outcomes for Victoria’s environment.

Our focus

Creating a safe climate

We advocate for, and help pioneer, the shift to a zero emissions energy and energy efficient economy.

Restoring our ecosystem to health

We advocate for Victoria’s ecosystems to be restored, with a focus on safeguarding our rivers and wetlands.

One planet living

We advocate for a clean economy and clever forms of consumption that reduce our ecological footprint and secure our future wellbeing.

What we believe

A healthy environment underpins the lives, health and wealth of all Victorians and safeguarding our environment is critical to our wellbeing.

Right now we know that our environment is in serious trouble and because of this, so are all Victorians.

We can restore our environment and secure a healthy future. Victoria can have a safe climate, healthy rivers and magnificent forests rich with wildlife as well as livable cities and communities. In making the necessary switch to clean energy, a green economy and zero waste we will also create exciting new sustainable jobs; modern, smart industries and a more prosperous, resilient future.

We all have a responsibility to act. Our choices today will determine the future for our environment and of all Victorians. Because the challenges we face are both urgent and large, our response must be too. That’s why we advocate for big, important and permanent changes and help Victorians to do the same.

Our campaigns

Safe Climate

Shifting Victoria from old, dirty fuels to clean energy.
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Healthy Rivers

Looking after our precious rivers and wetlands.
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Sustainable Living

Making our homes smarter and more efficient, reducing our environmental impact.
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