0Who we are Strategy 2022

Environment Victoria Strategic Plan 2017-2022

We're taking on the biggest threats to our climate and environment. Here's how.

With a history spanning back to 1969, Environment Victoria is one of Australia’s leading environment charities.

In 2017 we developed a new five-year strategy, and in 2020 we reviewed it to see what we’d learned and if our plans needed adapting. Here’s a snapshot of our roadmap for the future.

Our vision

Victoria is a global leader and national catalyst for solving the climate crisis, and a model for a thriving, sustainable and fair society that protects and values nature.





Our mission to get there

We take on the biggest threats to our climate and environment.

We inspire, empower and lead people and communities to take action, building power to solve the climate crisis, achieve a healthy environment and secure a fair and thriving Victoria.

The role we play

We are a campaigning organisation focused on winning environmental outcomes in Victoria by holding government and businesses to account. Our power comes from:

  • Building and connecting organised people power with decision makers
  • Maintaining a reputation as a trusted voice for environmental solutions
  • Being an ally, leader and network builder

Objective 1

Cut climate pollution as fast as possible.

Phase out coal and gas, our biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and build more clean, renewable energy. Cut pollution in how we travel, grow food and care for country, and reduce the climate change impact of what we import and export.

Objective 2

 Protect and improve the health of the Murray-Darling Basin.

Act as a watchdog for our rivers and organise local communities to drive the transition to sustainable regional economies that are resilient to a drier and hotter future.

Objective 3

Show that sustainability can be fair.

Ensure the transition to a sustainable Victoria looks out for affected communities, disadvantaged groups and people experiencing the impacts of climate change. Everyone should share in the benefits of clean energy and energy efficiency

Objective 4

Build the movement for change.

Empower communities across Victoria to stand up for our environment and climate, making sure our elected representatives put the planet above politics. Maintain a resilient, effective, nimble and financially independent organisation to achieve these goals