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The Age newspaper has a front page story about Victoria’s emissions targets. The Andrews government has linked the bushfires to climate change and the need to cut pollution. This is an important sign of leadership from Victoria while the federal government is missing in action.

Could you support climate action in the media by writing a letter to the editor? (scroll down for the contact details)

Here are some key points to help you write your message:

  • The severity of these fires demands an urgent response to climate change.
  • It’s good to see the Victorian government responding to concerns about climate while the federal government is missing in action.
  • We are currently experiencing the effects of just over 1 degree of warming. Natural disasters, including bushfire seasons, will become much worse unless warming is slowed.
  • However the Victorian government must go further and put in place targets consistent with keeping warming below 1.5 degrees.
  • The biggest single source of climate pollution in Australia is from burning coal. The government should phase out the old, dirty coal power stations that are causing climate change and replace them with renewable energy and storage.


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