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It’s time to draw a line in the sand. We need a moratorium on new coal projects, and on the expansion of existing coal projects for Victoria. And we need a plan to clean up the state’s electricity supply by shifting towards clean, renewable energy.

The first step is to know what’s on the drawing board. That’s where CoalWatch comes in.

CoalWatch is an interactive resource that tracks the coal industry’s expansion plans and helps builds a movement to stop these polluting developments. CoalWatch provides a way for everyday Victorians to keep track of the coal industry’s ambitious expansion plans. To check what tax-payer money has been pledged to brown coal projects and the coal projects industry is spruiking to our politicians.

Fly around our state to view our coal committments

This map is designed to give you the best picture of existing power stations and proposed developments, coal mines, mining licences and leases, exploration licences as well as carbon capture and storage areas in our very own backyard. Simply navigate yourself around the map below, zooming in and around our state. 

Or if you want to dig even deeper, download Google Earth (it's free). And then download the CoalWatch Google Earth file and select 'Open' when the pop up box appears. Or alternatively, you can save it to your computer for a rainy day. Easy huh!

If you have any trouble with this give us a shout and we'll help you out. But before you do, try opening this page in a different browser (eg. Internet Explorer or Mozilla) and check your browser preferences and make sure Google Earth is enabled. 



Red areas: Exploration licences (EL). These areas are held by companies to undertake exploration activity. A small bond is held by government in case of any damage. If a company wants to progress the project it needs to obtain a mining licence. Exploration Licence applications are marked with an asterix in the Places Index eg. EL4684*. 

Yellow areas: Mining Licences (MIN). A mining licence is granted with the expectation that mining will occur. A larger bond is paid to government.

Green areas: Exploration licences that have been withdrawn or altered due to community concern.

Green outline: Existing mines within Mining Licences. 

Purple areas: Geological Carbon Storage Exploration areas for carbon capture and storage. On-shore areas have been released by the State Government, while off-shore areas have been released by the Federal Government.

Download a JPG of the map, current as at Friday, 17 Aug 2012

For your info, the CoalWatch Google Earth map has been compiled using data from DPI’s GEOVIC GIS system available here and is current as at Friday, 17 August 2012.

Dig deeper with the CoalWatch wiki

Coal projects on the agenda 

The Coal Watch wiki tracks current and future Victorian coal projects, whether they are power stations, coal mines, proposals to export coal or some other inventive way of burning more coal. To get the full picture of coal in Victoria visit our wiki page 

Get more info and see the full list of Exploration Licences current at 17 August 2012 here


Type of project

Name of project

Further information


Existing Power Stations Hazelwood Power Station

CoalWatch wiki

Environment Victoria
Replace Hazelwood

Operating, considering closure
  Energy Brix Power Station CoalWatch wiki Operating
  Loy Yang A Power Station CoalWatch wiki Operating
  Loy Yang B Power Station CoalWatch wiki Operating
  Yallourn W Power Station CoalWatch wiki Operating, considering closure
  Anglesea Power Station CoalWatch wiki Operating
Proposed coal-fired Power Stations HRL Dual Gas Power Station

Environment Victoria

CoalWatch wiki

Federal government funding withdrawn
Existing brown coal mines Hazelwood mine CoalWatch wiki Operating, considering closure
  Loy Yang mine CoalWatch wiki Operating
  Yallourn mine 1 and 2 CoalWatch wiki
nvironment Victoria
  Anglesea mine CoalWatch wiki Operating
Mining licences and leases Vemco Environmental Pty Ltd    
  Yallourn Energy Pty Ltd    
  Yallourn Energy Pty Ltd    
  Yallourn Energy Pty Ltd    
  Hazelwood Power Corporation Pty Ltd    
  LYP Partner 3 Ltd    
Carbon Capture and Storage proposals Latrobe Valley Post-combustion CoalWatch wiki Trial underway
  CO2C CRC Otway project CoalWatch wiki Trial underway
  JCOAL CCS Otway project CoalWatch wiki At research phase, unclear if still progressing
  KEPCO CCS project CoalWatch wiki At research phase, unclear if still progressing
  CarbonNet CoalWatch wiki  
  Monash Energy CoalWatch wiki  
  Loy Yang A Bio Carbon Capture and Storage Project CoalWatch wiki  
Coal-drying proposals Exergen CoalWatch wiki  
  Coldry CoalWatch wiki  
  Australian Lignite Export Project CoalWatch wiki  
  Newtech Energy    
  Latrobe Fertiliser Project CoalWatch wiki  
  Latrobe Resources    
Coal/gas to fuel project proposals Monash Energy CoalWatch wiki  
  Loy Yang A Bio Carbon Capture and Storage project CoalWatch wiki  
  Regal Resources and Greenpower Energy Ltd

CoalWatch wiki

CoalWatch wiki

  Yallourn coal-to-oil CoalWatch wiki  
Infrastructure proposals Port Anthony CoalWatch wiki  
  Port of Hastings expansion CoalWatch wiki  
Exploration Licences Ignite Energy CoalWatch wiki  
    There are 64 other exploration licences in Victoria. View the CoalWatch Google Earth map for more information  



Keen to blow the whistle?

Got the inside scoop on a polluting coal project? If you’re aware of a coal project that’s not listed on CoalWatch, or have more information to add to an existing listing, then let us know! Pretty please! We’re happy to receive anonymous tip-offs and we promise to protect your anonymity.

Together we can make sure CoalWatch is keeping tabs on all proposed coal projects in our state, and work to keep coal in the ground where it belongs.

Just send your hot tips to or give us a-hoy on (03) 9341 8100. 

Wanting to get involved in other ways? Jeesh, there's plenty to do.. Get involved here


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