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16 Apr 2014: COMMUNITY groups want a $90 million fund for new brown coal technology in Victoria's Latrobe Valley to be instead used to pay for the Hazelwood...

16 Apr 2014: The Voices of the Valley community group and Environment Victoria have joined forces to call for a State and Federal government grant for new coal...

In this edition we discuss our new strategy for change, what a new brown coal export industry means for Victoria and more


It has been a busy time for those at the, ahem, coal face of action on climate change. Backward steps being taken at almost every turn. While...
In early January, we learned that two coal projects are out of the running for $90m of State and Federal government funding under the ‘Advanced...
When Europeans arrived at Port Jackson on 26 Jan 1788 their first act was a rum-fuelled orgy. Over 200 years on, Australia Day is still the day when...


@tonymahercfmeu @5MillionPeople Tony! I'm sad for what has happened to Philip and Jamie. You seem to have misread what I have written.
Tell the Treasurer to end $10bn a year in polluter handouts: http://t.co/mTPivkrzWb via @5millionpeople
@LeonardCohen2 @5MillionPeople Pathetic myopic comment which should inspire condemnation. It one thing to cheer job losses. Cheering death?
@tonymahercfmeu @5MillionPeople real people have been dying in mines for 150 years. That's a lot of grief. Time to move on from coal.
@5MillionPeople Are they listening?
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