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28 Aug 2014: A campaign to fence Victoria's 17,000km of public riverside land has been questioned by the Victorian Farmers Federation, who said fencing should...

23 October 2014: Environment Victoria CEO Mark Wakeham is available for comment on the job losses at Keppel Prince's Portland wind tower manufacturing facility.

23 Oct 2014: 450 long-lasting jobs could be created in the Latrobe Valley if mining companies accelerated mine rehabilitation works to prevent another...


If you had a program that was reducing household energy costs, cutting greenhouse emissions and creating jobs, you’d think any government would...
The Victorian has missed a golden opportunity to get a massive environmental gain for minimal financial pain. They have ignored a once-in-five-year...
I had been aware and concerned about climate change for many years and had been trying hard to engage people around me on this issue. I started...


@EnviroVic @Jackthelad1947 "I love that smell of the emissions".- Sara Palin 2011 Read in This changes everything by @NaomiAKlein
@EnviroVic @Jackthelad1947 Resource extraction a losing proposition - renewables better, more jobs & taxes paid, earth heals, solar soars
@EnviroVic But where are all the "Poles and Wires"? :-(
@EnviroVic @Jackthelad1947 Wise words. Our health and that of the environment are inextricably bound
@EnviroVic @Jackthelad1947 why aren't we as a state having our own renewable inititative?
@vnpatweets is hosting a picnic this Sunday to help save Point Nepean National Park. Details here > http://t.co/4rkdeYu9hJ
The issue of mine rehabilitation is heating up in the Latrobe Valley. Check out the story from #WIN News here: http://t.co/XKOsz4vYrg

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