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Sunday 11 October 2015: Legal advice obtained by Environment Victoria suggests the Hazelwood mine fire almost certainly breached the Environment Protection Act.

Monday 21 September 2015: Prime Minister Turnbull has an opportunity to reset the Coalition’s environment policies and relationships with the not-for-profit...

Thursday 27 August 2015: Environment Victoria has criticised state and federal water ministers over their “hard hat mentality” to the Murray-Darling Basin,...


Malcolm Turnbull on climate change in 2012: "Politicians and shock jocks, scientists and coal barons, all of them can argue for as long as they...
The Murray-Darling Basin Plan is really quite simple – it’s a $13billion investment in river health and sustainable water use. Yet it is...
In Thule, a small village perched on the edge of the Greenland ice shelf, indigenous hunters watch the sea ice – and the way of life it...


Top story: @EnviroVic: '#Frankston filmmaker Dujon Pereira shares his experienc… http://t.co/V0xYBOzede, see more http://t.co/JC8qtlLmpR
#Frankston filmmaker Dujon Pereira shares his experiences making #BlackHolemovie at local screening #LeardBlockade http://t.co/qVUlDvVNDj
Extraordinary stories & footage in #BlackHolemovie - #Frankston screening by EV vols to hear about historic campaign against Whitehaven coal
@EnviroVic #IYS2015 Why do you like soil? Replies from Warracknabeal Show kids to 90 year olds with great variety! http://t.co/Giq8eJxe8T

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