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We’re a network of Victorians helping to drive climate solutions and create a healthy environment for communities across the state.

Right now, our climate and environment is in crisis. We’re already experiencing the impacts of a damaged climate, but we also have an opportunity to limit the damage to create a better, cleaner future.

We know that people power is key to inspiring the action we need and holding our leaders to account. So we’re building a network of Victorians like you to bring together local communities across the state and take action.

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1. If you live in or near one of our key local areas:

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What does the Action Network do

With a committed network of communities across Victoria, we are moving our state beyond fossil fuels, protecting nature and holding government and business accountable.  

From holding our politicians to account to championing the local benefits of the shift to clean energy, local organisers in the Action Network mobilise the people around them to protect their environment and community.  The Action Network empowers everyday Victorians to become Local Organisers and bring their community together to take coordinated action.

We connect Local Organisers with each other and train and support them to grow the number of people engaged in their groups and in our shared campaigns. And during critical campaign moments, we come together to combine our voices and show our power.

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By joining the Environment Victoria Action Network, you’ll be connected to a people-powered movement working to cut dangerous climate pollution, transition to clean energy and protect our beautiful natural places.

There’s plenty of ways you can get involved – no matter your skills, experience or location! Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.