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We’re a network of Victorians helping to drive climate solutions and create a healthy environment for communities across the state.

Right now, our climate and environment is in crisis. We’re already experiencing the impacts of a damaged climate, but we also have an opportunity to limit the damage to create a better, cleaner future.

We know that people power is key to inspiring the action we need and holding our leaders to account. So we’re building a network of Victorians like you to bring together local communities across the state and take action.

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What does the Action Network do

With a committed network of communities across Victoria, we are moving our state beyond fossil fuels, protecting nature and holding government and business accountable.  

From holding our politicians to account to championing the local benefits of the shift to clean energy, local organisers in the Action Network mobilise the people around them to protect their environment and community.  The Action Network empowers everyday Victorians to become Local Organisers and bring their community together to take coordinated action.

We connect Local Organisers with each other and train and support them to grow the number of people engaged in their groups and in our shared campaigns. And during critical campaign moments, we come together to combine our voices and show our power.

You can get all the detail about what our Action Network does, why and how to be involved in our handbook here >>

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What's happening across the state

Meet some of the team

Suzy D’Ombrain-Allain

Describing herself as an ‘Armchair Activist’ for many years, while busy working or raising a family, Suzy started becoming more hands-on with Environment Victoria for the 2018 State Election and joined her local group. With her children becoming more independent, Suzy has become a voluntary Community Organiser in the Action Network, on Bunurong / Boon Wurrung Country.

Bruce Cutts

Bruce lives in Mordialloc on Boon Wurrung Country with his wife and three daughters. He has worked in Horticulture and Agriculture since graduating in Ag Science in the 1980s, and has been a volunteer with Environment Victoria for the past ten years. His insight for the day: never turn your back on the sea, or a politician!

Robyn Ruhl

Robyn has been a local community organiser and activist on issues such as environment & social justice her whole life. Currently living on Bunurong Country, she loves all opportunities to gather momentum with people to take steps toward the future they want to see. She feels most empowered when taking actions to help solve world problems.

Lucilla Hammond

Lucilla made Gippsland her home over 15 years ago. Her focus during that time had been on wellbeing as a yoga teacher. After years of making lifestyle adjustments as an approach to climate crisis, she is now dedicated to community action.

Margie Barrett-Poole

Margie has lived and worked in Gippsland all her life, raising her family in the Latrobe Valley. Working in wholistic health, Margie knows that a healthy environment is the foundation for healthy communities and lives. She's passionate about building deeper connections, understanding and actions to create a future that is healthy for us all.

Electra Greene

Electra is a proud Kurnai Gunai and Monero woman who cares deeply for our environment and is dedicated to supporting others to develop that same passion and care through sharing stories, poetry, and workshops. Electra believes that connecting with nature will help us all to move forward to the future in better consistency and with more compassion towards one another.

Niki Elliot

Niki grew up in Ballarat, where she started the Ballarat Anti Nuclear Group following the outrage of the Jabiluka mine in the late 90s. After travelling far and wide, she came back to Ballarat to raise a family. She has a keen interest in waste, and together with her older sister developed No Waste Ballarat with the aim to share information and inspire others to reduce their waste. Niki is also heavily involved with her younger sister at the Ballarat Tool Library and CLPSchool Green Team.

Sue Broadway

Sue grew up in Brown Hill, and enjoyed discovering her local environment from a young age. She moved away to the Morning Peninsula as an adult, but returned back to Ballarat to bring up her children. As a parent and nature-lover, Sue joined the Action Network to help make a difference for the next generation.

Adeena Khan

Adeena, an athletic 13-year-old girl raised by her Muslim Pakistani parents, faced the loss of her father at a young age in 2023. Despite this hardship, she remains determined in her pursuit to become a neurosurgeon in the future. Currently studying in Year 8 and playing netball, Adeena is grateful for her role as the first Environment Victoria Youth Organiser. Born in Wollongong, New South Wales but raised in Gippsland, she aspires to change the world's opinions on climate change and global warming by creating a resourceful environment for young people. Adeena's passion and dedication to making a positive impact on the world's future are truly commendable.

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