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Our community

Members, volunteers and partners. Everyone's playing their part in the shift to a better future.

Every day, volunteers, local environment groups and partner organisations are working with us to achieve something wonderful: a healthy and sustainable world where nature is a thriving part of our daily lives.

We’re creating a future where our forests, rivers, beaches and parks are protected for generations and not exploited for short-term profit, and where everyone can enjoy clean air and clean water.

We can accomplish big things when we work together!

Action Network

With a committed network of communities across Victoria, we are moving our state beyond fossil fuels, protecting nature and holding government and business accountable.  

From holding our politicians to account to championing the local benefits of the shift to clean energy, local organisers in the Action Network mobilise the people around them to protect their environment and community.  The Action Network empowers everyday Victorians to become Local Organisers and bring their community together to take coordinated action.

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Our members

We face some big challenges, but we're facing them together. From Shepparton to Phillip Island, our individual and group members are working to protect our environment in more ways than you can imagine!