0Who we are Strategy 2022 – 2026

Environment Victoria Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026

We're taking on the biggest threats to our climate and environment. Here's how.

Our purpose

We are building a movement of people across Victoria to create a just society living in harmony with a healthy environment.

Our role

We are a campaigning organisation that wins just solutions to the biggest environmental problems in Victoria. We make change through:

• Growing a diverse network of empowered volunteers who organise and mobilise their communities

• Collaborating with other organisations and networks to build a bigger movement for environmental justice

• Acting as a trusted voice and influential advocate to decision-makers

• Changing the public conversation to make big change possible by exposing hidden injustices, discrediting false solutions and elevating real solutions

• Running strategic and focused people-powered campaigns to win systemic change





Our values

Love – inspired by love for people and nature in everything we do, we focus on what connects us and builds commitment to the common good

Justice – working to redistribute power and resources, we strive for equity, empowered communities and First Nations self-determination

Courage – despite difficulty and uncertainty, we act with integrity and do what it takes to meet the challenges we face

Innovation – we approach our work with curiosity and humility, always looking for opportunities to learn

Impact – we are transparent in our decision-making and focused on getting results for our community and environment.

Our goals

A fast and fair transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy

By securing a just transition beyond coal in the Latrobe Valley, accelerating the renewables build with Free Prior Informed Consent of First Nations and kick-starting Victoria’s transition off gas and fossil fuelled transport.

Healthy flowing rivers across Victoria and the Murray-Darling Basin

By building a coalition of rural and city leaders pushing our governments and the irrigation industry to end over-extraction, restore environmental flows and empower Traditional Owners to access, manage and care for rivers.

A strong, cohesive and diverse Victorian environment movement

By growing the skills, leadership, diversity and reputation of a network of grassroots environmental leaders around the state and defending the space for activism and democratic engagement.

A creative, resilient and inclusive organisation capable of driving real change at the scale we need


By investing in our people, growing our base and safeguarding our independence.