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Sustainable homes project and policy officer

Households are paying more than they should on their energy bills because our homes are unacceptably inefficient. Improved residential energy performance would deliver a win-win-win: lower energy bills; greater comfort in the home; fewer greenhouse gas emissions due to using less energy. Despite these significant benefits, consumer awareness of the issues remains low and governments have been slower to implement ambitious policy solutions, compared to their support for renewable energy.

In this role, you will:

  • Lead Environment Victoria’s engagement in key government policy processes relating to household energy performance (including Victorian rental standards), in collaboration with ally organisations.
  • Support household energy consumers to become advocates in these processes.
  • Work with volunteers to assess the availability of information about household energy performance at the point of sale or lease.
  • Lead Environment Victoria’s participation in the One Million Homes alliance and the Community Coalition for Healthy and Affordable Homes.
  • Boost public awareness of the importance of household energy performance through media and other communication channels.

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