We're Environment Victoria

Environment Victoria is an independent charity, funded by donations. Established in 1969, we’ve grown into a community of 40 grassroots member groups and more than 200,000 individual supporters.

Together we’re campaigning to solve the climate crisis and build a thriving, sustainable society that protects and values nature.

Our Campaigns

We see Victoria as a national and global leader for solving the climate change crisis. We believe our state can be an inspiring example of a sustainable society that protects and values nature.

To reach this future, we campaign in the following areas:

Safe Climate

Shifting Victoria from old, dirty fuels to clean energy.
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Healthy Rivers & Nature

Looking after our precious rivers, wetlands and natural environment.
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People Power

Building the movement to protect our environment and climate
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Our Story

Is there a patch of Victoria you love?

For a group of us more than 40 years ago, it was the Little Desert in western Victoria. When the government wanted to subdivide this area for agricultural development, people from all across the state came together to protect this place they loved. Their passion and dedication saved this unique landscape, which later become the Little Desert National Park.

This was a watershed win for the Victorian community, marking the beginning of a new environmental awareness. Fired up by their pioneering victory, this group of Victorians realised we needed a peak organisation that focused on environmental issues across the state.

And that’s how Environment Victoria got started.


How we've made a difference

Over 50 years, we’ve had some big successes. Developing world-leading water conservation laws in the 1970s. Winning campaigns to create Gariwerd (Grampians National Park) and the Alpine National Park in the 80s. Improving public transport in the 90s, and bringing sustainability to multicultural communities in the 2000s. Together we've saved forests, stopped dams, restored wetlands and replaced the world's dirtiest power station with clean energy.

See some of our most recent achievements below, or click here to see the full list!

Our Staff

Jono La Nauze
Karly Roolker
Database Officer
Andy Grant
Fundraising Director
Isabel Kimpton
Communications Officer
James King
Digital Campaigner
Alex Merory
Campaigns Director
Greg Foyster
Rivers Campaign Manager
Fiona Ames
Administration Support Officer
Sylwia Sierkiewicz
Key Relationships Officer
Cameron Wheatley
Communications Manager
(03) 9341 8107
Jing Lu
(03) 9341 8115
Chante Bock
Data Support Officer
Hayley Sestokas
Latrobe Valley Community Organiser
Ingrid Wys
Administration Assistant
James Norman
Media and Content Manager
Ph: +61 451 291 775
Tyler Rotche
Healthy Rivers Campaigner
(03) 9341 8134
Taegen Edwards
Organising Program Manager
Don Batson
Finance, Risk & Compliance Manager
Laura Melville
Organising Program Manager
Joy Toose
Climate Campaign Manager
Eleisha Mullane
People & Culture Manager
Kat Lucas-Healey
Senior Climate & Energy Advisor
Victor Komarovsky
Community Organiser
Cate Hoyle
Office Manager
(03) 9341 8100
Hannah Minns
Fundraising Officer
Camille Warambourg
Key Relationships Manager
Peizhi Jiang
Community Organiser - Greater Melbourne

Our governance

Environment Victoria is a charity, completely independent of government and funded by donations.

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First Nations Solidarity

Environment Victoria is committed through our 2017-22 strategy to finding opportunities to work with Traditional Owners, communities and representative bodies to achieve shared environmental outcomes and justice for First Nations people.

Each year we will update this First Nations Solidarity Plan with our priority actions for the next year, publish it online and report on our progress in meeting commitments of the previous year.

REad our first nations solidaritY plan

Join the action

No matter what your interests, skills or location, there’s a way for you to contribute and be involved.