We're Environment Victoria

Independent and not for profit, we’ve been campaigning to look after Victoria’s environment since 1969. With more than 40 grassroots member groups and 100,000 individual supporters, we’re a growing community of Victorians standing up for a safe climate, healthy rivers and a sustainable future.

Our Goals

When we think about the decades or centuries ahead, we imagine a Victoria that’s cleaner, healthier, safer and has greener, more efficient technology.

To reach this future, we campaign in the following areas:

Safe Climate

Shifting Victoria from old, dirty fuels to clean energy.
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Healthy Rivers

Looking after our precious rivers and wetlands.
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Sustainable Living

Making our homes smarter and more efficient, reducing our environmental impact.
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Our Story

Is there a patch of Victoria you love?

For a group of us more than 40 years ago, it was the Little Desert in western Victoria. When the government wanted to subdivide this area for agricultural development, people from all across the state came together to protect this place they loved. Their passion and dedication saved this unique landscape, which later become the Little Desert National Park.

This was a watershed win for the Victorian community, marking the beginning of a new environmental awareness. Fired up by their pioneering victory, this small group of Victorians realised we needed a peak organisation that focused on environmental issues across the state.

And that’s how Environment Victoria got started.


How we've made a difference

Big or small, our successes remind us that what we’re doing matters, and show what can be achieved when we work together to create a better future. See some of our most recent achievements below, or click here to see the full list!

Our Staff

Mark Wakeham
Kate Rogers
Finance Manager
Karly Roolker
Database Officer
Alex Merory
Communications Manager
Greg Foyster
Communications Manager
Sharon Hargreaves
Administration Assistant
Cameron Wheatley
Digital Campaigns and Media Officer
Jing Lu
Anica Niepraschk
Safe Climate Campaigner
Emma Horsburgh
Community Organiser
Nick Aberle
Campaigns Manager
Cat Nadel
Safe Climate Campaigner
Anne Martinelli
One Million Homes Campaigner
Jane Stabb
Organising Program Manager
Cate Hoyle
Office Manager and Administrative Support
John Macdonald
Major Donor and Gifts in Wills Coordinator
Adele Neale
Community Organiser
Heather Bruer
Fundraising Officer
Jonathan Storey
Fundraising Director
Juliet Le Feuvre
Healthy Rivers and Nature Campaign Manager

Our governance

Environment Victoria is a charity, completely independent of government and funded by donations.

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