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Healthy Rivers & Water

Imagine a Victoria where we talk about our rivers with pride. Where clean water flows freely and diverse ecosystems thrive. And your favorite spot beside that babbling brook is still around for your children's children to enjoy.

Now imagine yourself getting involved in one of our campaigns to protect and restore Victoria's precious waterways.

The Basics

The water that comes out of your tap comes from a river somewhere in Victoria.

Each year, Victorians draw 5 trillion litres of water out of our rivers for irrigation and for use in cities and towns. This demand for water leaves many of our most loved rivers like the Yarra, the Goulburn and the Thomson struggling to get by on half the water that would naturally be there. Add a drying climate and the problems multiply.

Environment Victoria’s Healthy Rivers Campaign has a long and proud history of working to get rivers a fair share of their own water, so that they can survive and thrive under all climate conditions, with plenty of successes.

For many years we have worked hard for a successful Murray-Darling Basin Plan that will return water to northern Victoria’s rivers and wetlands. The Murray and the Goulburn, our biggest rivers, supply water for irrigation and have paid a heavy price. The national plan agreed in 2012 should be setting our rivers up for a healthier future but it’s under pressure from all directions.

We need both the federal and Victorian governments to put in the hard yards and make a success of the plan so that meets its mandate to restore our precious rivers to health.

Climate change is rapidly eroding our water supplies, with some of our rivers losing 70 percent of their flows over the last 20 years. At the same time population growth is pushing up demand for water.

With so much at stake for our rivers, we are stepping up to the plate. As well as fighting for a successful Murray-Darling Basin Plan that does the job for northern Victoria’s rivers, we’re also pushing a strong Yarra Protection Act, working to improve the laws that protect nature and continuing our work to get livestock off river banks.

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