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Imagine a wealthy state like Victoria being home to one of the dirtiest power stations in the industrialised world. You’d think that was impossible, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately it’s not.

Hazelwood power station, located in Victoria's Latrobe Valley, is more than 50 years old and burns brown coal, the dirtiest fuel of all. 

That’s why we’re campaigning for the state government to work with Hazelwood owners to close Hazelwood and support the community as it transitions away from coal.


TAKE ACTION: Tell the owners of Hazelwood that it’s time to retire Hazelwood and support the community 


Hazelwood power station produces over 15 million tonnes of greenhouse pollution each year. That’s almost 15 percent of Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions and 3 percent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, all on its own.

And it’s slowing down investment in clean energy. Closing Hazelwood is the single biggest step Australia can take to clean up our energy supply and tackle global warming.

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