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Hazelwood is Australia’s dirtiest power station. It’s responsible for 15 percent of Victoria’s greenhouse pollution – a whopping 16 million tonnes a year! And it's Australia’s biggest emitter of dangerous dioxins. It’s old, inefficient, and hopelessly out-of-date. It’s time for Hazelwood to be replaced.


Right now, we have a huge opportunity to Replace Hazelwood with clean energy. But we need your help.







The federal government is negotiating with Hazelwood power station to secure its replacement. This is a one-off opportunity to Replace Hazelwood, support clean energy for Victoria, and drive new clean energy jobs for our future. And if we miss this chance, we could be stuck with this polluting dinosaur for decades to come.

The government has signalled that a decision is only weeks away... We need to keep the pressure up to make sure they get this deal over the line before time runs out.





1. Sign this urgent petition to the Federal Government showing your support for action to Replace Hazelwood and bring online clean, renewable energy. 

2. Share the petition on Facebook. Email your friends and family asking them to sign the petition too. The more people who sign on, the more impact we have.

3. Call Prime Minister Julia Gillard and ask her to deliver on the commitment to close down 2000 Megawatts of brown coal-fired power, and to replace it with clean energy.


It's super easy, and will only take two minutes.

Just dial (02) 6277 7700. When someone answers the phone, say:

"My name is ______. I live in________

I'm calling to ask the Prime Minister to deliver on her commitment to close 2000 Megawatts of brown coal-fired power and to replace it with clean energy. Thank you"

We know that Victorians want to see Hazelwood replaced. And we know that they want more clean energy for our future[1]. On top of that, the government has committed to shut down up to 2000MW of our most polluting power stations, and Hazelwood is definitely the worst. But if they squander this opportunity, we might not get another.

Find out more about the campaign to Replace Hazelwood >

Thousands of Victorians have been campaigning to Replace Hazelwood for years, and now the final decision point is  approaching.

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1. Essential Media Communications 2012 Benchmark Poll, Commissioned by Environment Victoria.

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