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Walk Against Warming 2010


We’re doing our bit on climate change. It’s time to make our government do theirs. 

With the federal election looming, we decided to hold a Walk Against Warming to demand that our next government faces up to their responsibilities on climate change. Hundreds of people turned out to remind them that to secure our votes, they must walk with the people; not the big polluters. 

This year we took our message for a safe climate straight to the people that matter most – the voters.

We coordinated hundreds of Victorians in three key areas to come together and letterbox. We wanted to make sure that voters in those areas knew exactly what actions our leaders needed to take on climate change.

That means that less than one week before the federal election, up to 300,000 of the most influential voters in Victoria received our safe climate message. How good!

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Find out what we're asking our politicians to commit to

There's still a way to get involved! Sign our petition to the next PM


HELP US CELEBRATE! If you took part in the day, you're invited to celebrate with us after you've finished letterboxing. Anytime from 4.00pm to 7.00pm at The Workers Club, Corner Gertrude Street and Brunswick Street Fitzroy (accessible by tram 86, tram 112 or 10 minutes walk from Parliament Station).



Latrobe Valley coal closure fund needed urgently

13 October 2016


New report highlights opportunity to develop sustainable new jobs in the Valley

The Latrobe Valley can create hundreds of jobs, reduce cost-of-living pressures and...


Failed coal project funding needs to be reallocated to Hazelwood closure transition

3 October 2016


Three proposed coal projects in the Latrobe Valley that received government funding have failed to materialise, with a second project now...


Decision needed to retire Hazelwood power station and invest in the Latrobe Valley’s future

24 September 2016


Reports today that ENGIE, French owner of Hazelwood power station, may decide in...


Climate Change Authority report highlights Coalition’s poor policy

1 September 2016


The Turnbull Government’s climate change policies are completely inadequate to deal with the crisis of global warming, Environment Victoria said today...


Fracking ban delivers for the environment and communities

30 August 2016


The Andrews Government’s decision to ban unconventional gas mining is a welcome and decisive step to protect Victoria’s natural...


Environment Victoria welcomes revival of Greener Government Buildings Program 

22 August 2016


Environment Victoria has today welcomed the Andrews Government’s decision to...


Strong support for phasing out polluting coal plants in Victoria’s key marginal seats​

28 June 2016


Three of Victoria’s most marginal federal electorates are on a knife-edge, with voters in all three seats showing strong support...


Andrews Government delivers major boost to Victoria’s clean energy industry

15 June 2016


Environment Victoria has strongly welcomed Victoria’s new clean energy targets,...


Victoria commits to zero climate pollution, now time to get on with the job

9 June 2016


Environment Victoria welcomes the Andrews Government’s plans to strengthen Victoria’s Climate Change Act, and urges the Premier to make a fast...


Urgent need for Engie and Victorian government to work together on Hazelwood closure

26 May 2016

Following ...


From Twitter Twitter


Hazelwood closure shows we need a plan for energy change

posted by Mark on Tuesday, 27 September, 2016 - 14:08

On Saturday morning the Latrobe Valley woke to the news that people have been both expecting and fearing: "Hazelwood shutdown near" splashed across the front page of The Age.

French energy giant Engie, the majority owner of Hazelwood coal power station near Morwell...

Nicholas Aberle

Citizen jury recommends transition to clean energy and end date for brown coal

posted by Nicholas Aberle on Thursday, 4 August, 2016 - 16:11

A citizen jury convened by Infrastructure Victoria has recommended that Victoria build more wind and solar and set a closure date for its aging coal-burning power stations.




Climate fatigue is the biggest threat to our future

posted by Mark on Wednesday, 8 June, 2016 - 18:02

When we think about the word pollution, it conjures up images of black smoke belching from factories or old cars. But for this election it's a different kind of pollution in the spotlight again – the invisible greenhouse pollution driving global warming.

I suspect...

Nicholas Aberle

How we helped make mine rehab a huge issue

posted by Nicholas Aberle on Tuesday, 19 April, 2016 - 18:46

About a week into the catastrophic Hazelwood mine fire of early 2014, some surprising information emerged. The parts of the mine that weren’t catching on fire were those areas that had been rehabilitated.

It made sense: coal covered by soil is much less likely to burn than coal...

Nicholas Aberle

8 outrageous things we learnt at the inquiry into coal mine rehabilitation

posted by Nicholas Aberle on Wednesday, 16 December, 2015 - 14:29

While the word ‘inquiry’ might conjure up images of people sitting in a stuffy room speaking legalese, the revelations of the inquiry into coal mine rehabilitation have been anything but boring. In my role as Safe Climate Campaign Manager, I have been representing Environment Victoria at the...


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Walk Against Warming 2010 - Melbourne Sunday, 15 August 2010 Check out this short film by one of the walkers at the Melbourne Walk Against Warming... Copyright AusConservationTV
Walk Against Warming 2010 - Deakin Sunday, 15 August 2010 Check out the speech made by Gavin McFadzean from the Wilderness Society. Created by one of the walkers at the Walk Against Warming, 2010. Copyright peterc150

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