Media Releases | 7th Feb, 2001

Bendigo - Bus services in the future

Thursday, 8 February 2001

Environment Victoria congratulates Wannon Roadways for introducing another bus service between Bendigo and Ballarat.

This service will make it easier for people living in western areas of the state to connect with Bendigo.

“As Bendigo prepares for the introduction of faster rail services, we hope the announcement of additional bus services will become more common over the next few years,” said Environment Victoria spokesperson Wendy Everingham.

Environment Victoria hopes that bus companies are now planning for the opportunities that the faster rail services will have on their businesses. Current routes will need to be analysed and opportunities identified to
meet the needs of more rail passengers.

Local town buses have an important role to play and should connect to all train arrivals and departures. If these services operate regularly and coordinate effectively with the train, Bendigo commuters will have
useful transport choices.

Travel by car to the station will not be a necessity.

The review of local bus services should apply to the V/Line services as well. New opportunities will open for bus travel to surrounding districts.

If bus improvements compliment the rail improvements, Bendigo and it’s hinterland will have a revolutionary new public transport system. A system that is frequent, fast and connected. The success or otherwise will depend on planning NOW by government and transport operators.

“Bendigo has a magnificent opportunity to have a world class regional public transport network” concluded Wendy Everingham.