5 facts you need to know about energy this summer

Coal is failing, the big Tesla battery is kicking butt, rooftop solar is reducing demand, and energy efficiency is the unsung sidekick that deserves more credit.

We can’t keep powering our lives with polluting fuels from the last century. It’s time to repower Australia with clean, renewable energy from the sun and wind, so let’s get on with it! Join a #Repower community near you.

Most rental properties are pretty inefficient, which means renters are missing out on the benefits of lower bills and healthier living conditions. That’s unfair – and it’s adding to climate pollution. The solution is minimum standards for rental houses.

Hazelwood, located in Victoria's Latrobe Valley, was Australia's oldest and dirtiest coal-burning power station. Environment Victoria has been campaigning to replace Hazelwood with clean energy like wind and solar since the mid-2000s.

We’re a community of people working together for Victoria’s environment and future. Join us!

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