Media Releases | 4th Jun, 2002

Environment groups welcome five star requirement for new homes

Wednesday, 5 June 2002

Environment Victoria today congratulated the government on the new five star efficiency standard for new homes, announced in the Victorian Greenhouse Strategy today.

“Energy efficient design is simply good, common sense,” said Environment Victoria spokesperson, Darren Gladman. “The community wants and expects houses that are energy efficient.”

Experts estimate that five star energy efficiency standards can halve energy bills, reducing energy bills by between $200 and $300. The additional capital cost for new houses is expected to range between about $1,000 to $3,000.

“The additional up-front costs for a new five star home are a sensible investment that pays for itself in a few years,” said Darren Gladman. “Over the life of a house, home owners can expect to save many thousands of dollars thanks to smarter design.”

The new regulation is expected to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use of fossil fuels.

“Five star energy efficiency is a win for everyone,” said Darren Gladman. “This initiative will save money, create jobs and help protect the environment. What could be better?”