Media Releases | 30th Nov, 2003

Wind farm rhetoric is ‘over the top’

Monday ,1 December 2003

Statements likening wind farms to ‘weapons of mass destruction” are ‘over the top’, according to the state’s peak environment group, Environment Victoria. The threat of environmental and social disruption on a global scale comes from global warming, not from wind farms.

“It’s ludicrous to liken wind farms to ‘weapons of mass destruction’”, said Darren Gladman, Director of Environment Victoria’s Global Warming campaign. “The environmental impacts of wind farms are relatively minor and can be minimised through good management and government regulation. The threat of “mass destruction” comes from global warming, not from wind farms.”

Scientists predict that global warming will lead to drier conditions in Victoria, with more severe droughts and more frequent bushfires.

“If Professor Bellamy wants to see a vision of destruction, environment groups would be happy to take him on a tour of farms affected by last year’s drought and bushfires,” said Darren Gladman. “We need renewable energy to avoid global warming. The environmental damage caused by the impacts of global warming far exceeds the manageable environmental impacts of wind farms.”