Media Releases | 25th Jun, 2004

Environment groups welcome Labor Energy Ministers’ plan

Saturday, 26 June 2004

Environment groups welcome the Energy Ministers’ plan announced today. The plan will reduce greenhouse pollution, boost regional employment, restore investor confidence in Australia’s renewable energy industry and enhance our energy security.

“The Energy Ministers’ plan should help to restore confidence in the renewable energy sector,” said Environment Victoria’s global warming campaign director, Darren Gladman.

“The Prime Minister’s recent Energy Statement dealt a crippling blow to Australia’s renewable energy industry. Several large renewable energy projects have already been shelved as a result, with the loss of hundreds of new job opportunities. The energy plan announced today will help to address the damage inflicted on the renewable energy industry by the Howard Government.”

The Energy Ministers of Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and South Australia today announced an energy plan to increase renewable energy targets, establish emission trading, drive energy efficiency and support the development of natural gas infrastructure.

The Prime Minister’s recent Energy Statement was heavily biased toward the coal industry and ruled out any increase in renewable energy targets. The Federal Labor Party has committed to increasing renewable energy targets by an additional five percent.

“Substantial renewable energy investments have already dried up as a result of the Prime Minister’s refusal to increase renewable energy targets, while other investors are awaiting the Federal Election before making their final decision,” said Darren Gladman.

“The Energy Ministers’ announcement today is very timely. It sends the right signal to the renewable energy investors. It gives the renewable energy industry a future in Australia, despite the Howard Government’s short-sighted bias toward coal.”