Media Releases | 17th Jun, 2005

Environment Victoria withdraws Toshiba boycott

Friday, 17 June 2005

Environment Victoria withdraws its call for a consumer boycott of Toshiba computer products.

Environment Victoria acknowledges that Toshiba did not have a reasonable opportunity to respond to Environment Victoria’s survey or to provide the requested information regarding Toshiba’s environmental policies and procedures.

Environment Victoria accepts that its investigation into the environmental performance of Toshiba was incomplete and that, therefore, its rating of Toshiba and its computer products was incorrect.

Environment Victoria has recalled its Environmental Report Card on Computers 2005 titled “Computer Waste in Australia and the Case for Producer Responsibility dated June 2005” (the “Report”), together with its Report Card summary, and all associated media releases (“the associated materials”).

Environment Victoria will provide a revised version of the Report in due course. The revised report will not rank the various companies, but will provide some general comments on the range of environmental practices in the computer industry.

Environment Victoria apologises to Toshiba for any harm caused by the publication of its Report and the associated materials.