Media Releases | 2nd Mar, 2006

Knox City Council on the right track

Thursday, 2 March 2006

Environment Victoria has congratulated Knox Council on its call for Federal Government funding of public transport in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

The move was part of the council’s endorsement of the Federal Parliamentary Report on Sustainable Cities transport recommendations. The report called on the Federal Government to:

  • provide funding for public transport improvements
  • remove tax incentives that encourage the use of cars and fuel-inefficient vehicles – such as Fringe Benefits Tax and reduced 4WD tariffs.

Environment Victoria’s Sustainable Transport campaigner Louise Sales welcomed Knox City Council’s endorsement and called on other councils to follow suit and put pressure on the Howard Government.

“Part of the estimated $11.5 billion Federal surplus should be urgently invested in Melbourne’s public transport system, which fails to reach two thirds of the city’s residents.”

“At a time when we are facing the devastating effects of climate change and fast-diminishing oil supplies we urgently need sustainable solutions to our transport problems.”

“The Howard Government should hear the cries of families being hit in the hip pocket by skyrocketing petrol prices and put a stop to funding expensive road projects. Instead money should be spent on world class public transport to promote healthy, connected communities.

“The Howard Government was happy to spend half a billion dollars in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs on the Eastlink freeway before the Bracks Government’s decided to introduce tolls. The tolls should not be used as an excuse to abandon Melbourne’s outer east to car dependency and high petrol prices. The Howard Government should show its commitment to the families of Knox by helping fund a much-needed rail extension to Rowville.”